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Sunday 18 October 2020 19:30-20:30 (JST) Beginner's lesson with English translation

※ Notes: About shooting by TV program on this day


We have plan shooting by TV program while this lesson. They also will record whole event’s situation includes participants appearance on computer screen. They may interview several participants too. Please understand in advance and apply for participation. We appreciate your understanding.

【About our lessons】

By increasing the flexibility of the hip joint by MatawariandShiko, it can be expected to be effective in preventing and improving knee pain, back pain, and hip joint pain. Because of many sumo wrestler with good-built are doing basic sumo training includesShikoandMatawarievery single day, therefore they have few issues with back pain and joint pain.


Also Shiko exercise could be affect your trunk stability to maintain balance besides stretching the muscles around the thighs and hips and strengthening the muscles of the entire lower body. In other words, daily walking and body movements become stable. It can expect the effect of eliminating the swelling of the legs by improving blood flow too.


At beginning of lesson, by incorporating the dynamic stretch, the range of motion of the joint becomes easier to expand compared to the conventional static stretch.


We will help you to build strong trunk and flexible body!


 What's "Shiko" and "Matawari"?


- Shiko is most popular exercise of sumo wrestling. A sumo wrestler raises a leg high in      air to the side, then brings it down. It also means to drive away bad spirits on "dohyo"    (Match ring).


   Matawari is basic sumo stretch for make hip joint as flexible and prevent any injures.



【A lesson’s exercise flow for 60 mins】

At beginning   Warm up, Dynamic stretches

~10 mins         Lunge

~30 mins         Shiko exercise

~45 mins         Matawari exercise

~60 mins         Few stretches



【How to apply】Check these links as below

【Our Instructor】Nikolay Ivanov  (Ex-professional sumo wrestler)

Thank you very much for visiting our page.

I’m Nikolay Ivanov from Russia. I’m ex-professional sumo wrestler and my fighting name “Shikona” was Amuru, belonged to Ounomatsu sumo stable “Ounomatsubeya” in located to Narahino city,Chiba.

Currently I’m facing injures again which was anguish of entire my sumo life. That purpose is helping people have injures such as me by my instructs. Therefore my way to be a sports instructor was began at FLEX Tsudanuma.

My sumo life was always face injures in a word. I’ve participated in sumo world when 18 years old with dreams. Me took around 9 years to promoted for Sekitori “Juryo” of higher position. Ironically, at same year I was demoted to lowest position because of both knees injured. After 2 years, I’ve reached "Higashimaegashira 5 maime", highest position on my career.

It was a life of sumo wrestling with injuries, but it taught me that if you don't give up, you can seize infinite possibilities. I would like to let as many people as possible know the culture of sumo, which taught me how to live.

 Let’s join us and discover sumo world! Dosukoi!